• 2018 Splatterpunk Awards: Collections and Anthologies

    2018 Splatterpunk Awards: Collections and Anthologies0

    Welcome back to Bookmarked’s series reviewing every single finalist for the inaugural Splatterpunk Awards, to be presented next month at KillerCon Austin! The previous installment took a scalpel to the short stories and novellas. Now, let us move on to the categories covering books of short stories, be they single-author collections or multi-author anthologies. Editor’s

  • 2018 Splatterpunk Awards: Short Stories and Novellas

    2018 Splatterpunk Awards: Short Stories and Novellas0

    Next month will herald the inaugural Splatterpunk Awards at Killercon Austin, a new book award ceremony that will celebrate the point in horror literature where the greatest achievements meet the lowest of taste. Lucky for you, Bookmarked is here to get its hands dirty with a three-part overview of every single finalist. The Splatterpunk Awards focus on

  • The Metabarons: A Rape Comic

    The Metabarons: A Rape Comic5

    Content warning: you don’t want to know any of this. A rapist’s comic, about rape, is discussed and pictured herein. If you visit the Wikipedia page of Alejandro Jodorowsky, you will be able to see that he has claimed himself a rapist. Here’s a section of the quotation with this claim, from a promotional interview

  • Elle: A Study On Trauma

    Elle: A Study On Trauma0

    Content Warning: Rape and sexual violence. A film that is centered solely around rape will never be a film for everyone. Though as a rape survivor, I felt that every moment of Elle was made with me in mind. Paul Verhoeven’s study of a woman dealing with the aftermath of a violent rape in her

  • Manipulation of Manhood: Julia Gfrorer’s Comic Book Misandry

    Manipulation of Manhood: Julia Gfrorer’s Comic Book Misandry1

    Content warning: penises, breasts, rape of men. EDIT, October 2016: this article is an analysis of Gfrorer’s work as a commentary on phallocentric patriarchy. Cis masculinity is consciously centred in the readings of these narratives. I never really managed to think of a penis as a vulnerable thing until I caught the first fifteen minutes