• CB Cebulski’s Asian Mask: Why the Anger?

    CB Cebulski’s Asian Mask: Why the Anger?9

    UPDATE: The Dark Horse statement below has been updated to the correct version. In 2004 a white man named CB Cebulski pretended to be a Japanese one named Akira Yoshida. “Yoshida” wrote comics for Marvel while Cebulski worked as an Editor at Marvel. Cebulski was recently instated as Editor in Chief at Marvel, and with

  • BOOM! Studios Power Rangers: A Licensed Comic Done Right

    BOOM! Studios Power Rangers: A Licensed Comic Done Right0

    Power Rangers has been having something of resurgence of late, and in our big superhero movie world they fit in rather nicely. The brand just had a semi-successful reboot movie and huge amounts of traction were gained from their game Legacy Wars and a near Internet breaking twitch stream. Power Rangers’ basic premise of weirdo

  • BOOM! Bar: Some Gain, Some Lag

    BOOM! Bar: Some Gain, Some Lag0

    The week of Wednesday the twenty-second of November, BOOM! releases eleven titles, eight of which are licenses. Two of the latter are softcover collections: The Deep and Dark Crystal v.1 (hardback) each collect four issues, though The Deep is one finished story and Dark Crystal an ongoing venture. Of the creator-owned books, Giant Days is

  • BOOM! Bar: A Whole Month in One Swoop

    BOOM! Bar: A Whole Month in One Swoop0

    The last of October (the week of Wednesday the 25th) was a heavy week in BOOM! Town! Thirteen, count’em, thirteen releases. One hardcover, two softcover collections, and eight ongoing issues. Nine of that thirteen are licensed books. Sisters of Sorrow (full review) and Victor Lavelle’s Destroyer (a hurried finish, but emotionally satisfying and packing a

  • Valiant Buzz: Strap in, kids. This will be a helluva ride!0

    In this rather large round-up, we’ll be talking all sorts of happenings that happened during the months of August, September and October for Valiant Comics. Buckle in, kids! Let’s catch up. NEW FACES In the latest addition to the expanding team at Valiant Entertainment, Charlotte Greenbaum was named Associate Editor in the midst of Valiant’s

  • Oni Watch: Onwards and Upwards!

    Oni Watch: Onwards and Upwards!0

    With Oni Press rounding its 20th year of existence, the past several months have been chock full of pretty exciting news as they expand their reach to wider markets. A lot has happened, so this pubwatch is going to be a little longer than usual. But hey, check out Oni Press’ brand new logo, designed