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Raggedy and the Cloud, Sofia Prokofievna, Tver, 1994

Picture This: Raggedy and the Cloud

This write-up is more personal than the other ones I’ve done so far, and I hope you will excuse me gushing for several minutes about some artists I love and admire. Sofia Prokofievna (b. 1928) is a Russian illustrator, poet, playwright, and, most importantly to me, the author of many original “fairy tales” for children….

kazuno kohara, square fish, http://us.macmillan.com/herecomesjackfrost/kazunokohara

Picture This: Kazuno Kohara

Kazuno Kohara’s work spikes daily life with a shot of magic. The stories are firmly rooted in common situations (moving into a new house, playing during winter, visiting the library, and making friends), but with a supernatural aspect (ghosts, dragons, an elemental force, a witch, and talking animals). The narrative never points out these presences…

Picture This: Tao Nyeu

Tao Nyeu’s work splices natural and domestic scenes together to a mesmerizingly adorable effect through the combined use of silkscreens and etchings. To date she has published three picture books as well as contributed to two anthologies, each work with a focus on friendship and non-conformity. Her storylines are peaceful and approachable for all ages…

hopper wilson, maria van lieshout, http://blogs.slj.com/afuse8production/2011/09/19/review-of-the-day-hopper-and-wilson-by-maria-van-lieshout/, philomel books

Picture This: Maria van Lieshout

Maria van Lieshout is a children’s author/illustrator that is creating fresh, sleek, genre defiant picture books and is the subject of this month’s Picture This. Van Lieshout grew up in Oegstgeest, a small town in Holland, which by all appearances is an absolutely lovely place. After high school she attended The George Washington University in…