• To Bullet Journal or Not to Bullet Journal?

    To Bullet Journal or Not to Bullet Journal?2

    I am an obsessive list maker. I make full use of the ToDoist app, I always have sticky notes in my purse, Excel is one of my favourite pieces of software ever, and I constantly keep Notepad open on my computer with a running tally of what I want to accomplish that day. I also

  • Apps We Love

    Apps We Love0

    This past month for lifestyle, we talked a lot about helpful and favorite apps. Both Melinda and Catie reviewed meditation apps, while Jessica talked about the productivity app Trello. At the beginning of the month, Ray reviewed Litsy, a book app. I then asked for a few more recommendations for apps we love, especially ones

  • Review: Let Trello Run Your Life

    Review: Let Trello Run Your Life0

    • May 18, 2016

    I have been trying to figure out the best way to keep my life organized for years. I tried Evernote and Remember the Milk when they came out. I have several day planners that were well used until about April. I’ve added endless, never completed items to the little pop-up Tasks section in Gmail. I have