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Angel City: Starlets and Crime

Angel City Janet Harvey (writer), Megan Levens (illustrator), Nick Filardi (colorist), Crank! (letterer) Oni Press October 2016-March 2017, collected August 2017 The studio-era Hollywood noir thriller mystery is a very entrenched, narrow genre. Noir as an American prose and film genre originated in that time and place with books like Double Indemnity and its film remake….

Heat Guy J

Can a Bad Anime Be Art? Heat Guy J

Heat Guy J was a twenty-six episode animated series that aired in Japan in 2002 and wasn’t particularly well-received. For whatever reason, possibly in recognition of the positive reception director Kazuki Akane had previously enjoyed in the West through Escaflowne, it was exported anyway. Box sets with dub and sub experiences available were later sold…

Crop of cover for Tarpe Mills & Miss Fury, The Best of the 1940s, edited by Trina Robbins

Review: Miss Fury #2

Miss Fury Vol. 2, #2 Corinna Bechko (writer), Jonathan Lau (illustrator), Vinicius Andrade (colorer), Simon Bowland (letterer), Tula Lotay (main cover) Dynamite May 4, 2016 Disclaimer: This review is based on an advanced copy from the publisher and may contain spoilers.

Incredible Indie Tuesday: Exciting News from Image Expo!

Last Wednesday in Seattle, Image Comics held the 6th Image Expo, an all-day event for creators to meet with press, retailers and fans. But it’s not your typical convention: there are no vendors and panels focus primarily on discussing upcoming releases with writers, artists and other team members. The convention began with publisher Eric Stephenson’s inspiring…

Your Invitation To The Mean Girls Club

Mean Girls Club Ryan Heshka (creator) Nobrow Press February, 2016 Disclaimer: This comic will probably maim you if left unattended, but it was also given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. A gang of ruthless rebels and riotous dames are here to partake in vices and kick some behinds. Welcome…