• Vinegar Teeth Leaves a Funny Taste in Your Mouth

    Vinegar Teeth Leaves a Funny Taste in Your Mouth0

    Vinegar Teeth, Issue #2 Damon Gentry (writer), Troy Nixey (writer, artist, letterer), Guy Major (colorist), Michelle Madsen (colorist, page 22) Dark Horse March 2018 Turner and Hooch; Riggs and Murtaugh; Kennex and Dorian—the buddy cop list is lengthy, its history robust. Now Dark Horse attempts to add to that legacy with Vinegar Teeth’s Buckle and,

  • Angel City: Starlets and Crime

    Angel City: Starlets and Crime0

    Angel City Janet Harvey (writer), Megan Levens (illustrator), Nick Filardi (colorist), Crank! (letterer) Oni Press October 2016-March 2017, collected August 2017 The studio-era Hollywood noir thriller mystery is a very entrenched, narrow genre. Noir as an American prose and film genre originated in that time and place with books like Double Indemnity and its film remake.

  • Can a Bad Anime Be Art? Heat Guy J

    Can a Bad Anime Be Art? Heat Guy J0

    Heat Guy J was a twenty-six episode animated series that aired in Japan in 2002 and wasn’t particularly well-received. For whatever reason, possibly in recognition of the positive reception director Kazuki Akane had previously enjoyed in the West through Escaflowne, it was exported anyway. Box sets with dub and sub experiences available were later sold