• What’s In A Codename2

    • October 14, 2013

    Marvel Comics has long been my oldest and preferred superhero reading material, but over the years it’s developed some patterns I can’t help but notice and wince at just a little. Codenames. I’m not griping that they exist; in the universe the characters run in, having a costumed identity separate from the regular “day to

  • Which Comic Are You Wearing?

    Which Comic Are You Wearing?0

    Cosplay is great, but sometimes it’s intimidating. Where will I wear it? How will I make it? Can I afford it, for just one con/just for one Halloween? Will the character suit me? Will people be nasty jerks about my choices? And so on! It’s hard to be a fan. There are ways to cut

  • Marvel Roundtable–part two0

    Mary Jane, Miles, and the diversity dance in comics. Megan Purdy In part one of WWAC’s Marvel Roundtable, I talked to Skalja of @#$% Yeah, Spider-Wife!, Corrina Lawson of Geek Mom, RonchRonchRonch, and webcomic creator Indigo, about romance, mental health, and motherhood. In part two, we talk about Superior Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, and more generally,