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A shot of Marika in pirate garb, pointing dramatically, with a ship and space in the background.

Bodacious Space Pirates Shoots for the Stars … And Misses

Bodacious Space Pirates Tatsuo Sato (writer), Chibimaru (illustrator) Media Factory December 2013-September 2014 Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Bodacious Space Pirates. When I happened to come across the title Bodacious Space Pirates, I was definitely interested. It’s pirates! In space! And they’re bodacious! What’s not to like? After reading both volumes, though, I found the…

I pooped in in. Saso Akira, Shindo, Futabasha + Crunchyroll

Is It Safe to Review a Book Before You’ve Finished it? What I’m Reading Now: Shindo

Saso Akira has caught my attention with his older work Shindo. Saso is an award-winning mangaka and manga lecturer known for stories about uncomfortable subjects; Kodomo no Kodomo, for example, is about pre-teen pregnancy, and Toto’s World is about a child who is mute. He also produced an adaptation of the controversial film Departures/Okuribito, a story about undertaking. Shindo is a manga…

Manga to (Yo-Kai) Watch Out For

Whether you’re a fan of video games, television, or comics, odds are you’ve heard buzz surrounding Yo-Kai Watch, the latest Japanese franchise to take off around the globe. At the very least, you’ve probably seen some clickbait-y links hailing it as “the next Pokémon.” Curious about the next generation of mon adventures? Desensitized to the…