• Book Beat: Indie Bookstore Sales and Good Omens

    Book Beat: Indie Bookstore Sales and Good Omens0

    Hello again, readers! Welcome to the first Book Beat of 2019. I hope your year is off to a good start and that your celebrations were successful, whether they included parties, going to bed early, or anything in between. The book world has been pretty quiet over the holidays, so aside from 2018 reflections and

  • Movies That Moved Me In 2016

    Movies That Moved Me In 20161

    I’m not particularly interested in Best Of lists. After the third list it gets stale and instead of discussing art that moved us, the discourse instead seems to focus on who wrote the best list, what rank the obviously good things appeared in. So this year I asked our writers to tell me about the

  • Disability and Language in Adventure Time’s “Bonnie and Neddy”

    Disability and Language in Adventure Time’s “Bonnie and Neddy”0

    The seventh season of Adventure Time brought its audience back to a Candy Kingdom facing big changes. An exhausted and frustrated Princess Bubblegum handed her throne over to the selfish, air-headed King of Ooo, and left to build a new life in the middle of nowhere. In the midst of the first true regime shift

  • R/W: The Real and the Robotic

    R/W: The Real and the Robotic1

    • December 20, 2014

    What does it mean to write a realistic novel? Or a realistic screenplay? Does psychological realism depend on the use of one or another sets of literary tricks? Does it feel real — is that the ultimate test? Some weeks ago now, a famous writer said that Shakespeare sucks because his work is unrealistic and

  • R/W: Do Worry

    R/W: Do Worry1

    • November 29, 2014

    Well, add another book to my Jane Austen fangurl collection. Jane Austen Cover to Cover by Margaret Sullivan explores the various covers of Austen’s oeuvre. The covers are not only a delightful way to engaged with Austen’s continued legacy, but also to learn a little about what Austen’s books mean to a particular era. The

  • R/W:  Concepts and Concept Art

    R/W: Concepts and Concept Art0

    • November 22, 2014

    A contest? For me? Yes, you! Glimmer Train is a pretty cool short story journal that pays out $50,000 every year to writers. It is a rare survivor, but continues to be successful in its attempts to showcase new work, and often new writers. Their New Writer Contest deadline is coming up. Details from their email: “Deadline: