• Previously On Comics: Arresting Developments

    Previously On Comics: Arresting Developments0

    I’d like to tell you that this week we only have fluffy, happy, good news and a basket of puppies for every reader, but unfortunately this is Comics. So instead, you’ll be getting the standard, “abandon hope all ye who enter here” treatment. The week started with Stan Lee’s business manager and partner Keya Morgan

  • Cover Girl: Why Doesn’t Riri Williams Look 15?

    Cover Girl: Why Doesn’t Riri Williams Look 15?0

    This J. Scott Campbell Midtown Comics variant cover for Invincible Iron Man depicts 15 year old Riri Williams in the same outfit as she wore on the cover that introduced her to us. She has the same hairstyle, the same earrings. Instead of the ghost of Stark’s past in the background, there’s an industrial robotic