• 5 Terrible Image Crossover Comics

    5 Terrible Image Crossover Comics1

    Before Image Comics was a bastion of creator rights (lol), they too were just a publisher putting out shitty crossovers. Yes, the Image Boys were born and raised in the Big Two, so why on Earth would they do anything differently? These crossovers were almost all terrible—like much of Image’s early output—and occasionally included some

  • Divided States of Hysteria: A Form Letter of Dismay

    Divided States of Hysteria: A Form Letter of Dismay2

    Content Warning: This post discusses depictions of fictional violent racist acts. Due to the unique format of Image Comics as a publishing company, response to their individual titles is hard to register. Following the discovery of the lynching and genital mutilation illustrated on the solicited cover of issue four WWAC has put together the following form