• Morning in America #1 Hits Familiar Notes

    Morning in America #1 Hits Familiar Notes0

    Morning in America #1 Claudia Aguirre (artist & colorist), Zakk Sam (letterer), Magdalene Visaggio (writer) Oni Press March 6, 2018 Morning in America sees Kim & Kim’s Magdalene Visaggio and Claudia Aguirre team up for another story about bad girls, though this one at least starts on Earth. Set in 1983 (a year before Reagan used

  • Misfit City Is My Favorite New Series from BOOM! Box

    Misfit City Is My Favorite New Series from BOOM! Box0

    Misfit City Kerstin “Kiwi” Smith (writer), Kurt Lustgarten (writer), Naomi Franquiz (artist), Brittany Peer (colorist), Jim Campbell (letterer) BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios Misfit City is my favorite new series from BOOM! Box. The story focuses on a small group of teen girls in a coastal Oregon town made famous by an ‘80’s

  • BOOM! Bar: Every Detail Covered

    BOOM! Bar: Every Detail Covered0

    Eight offerings from BOOM! this week—three licensed, five creator-owned. Of the licenses, only one (Adventure Time/Regular Show #5 of a six-issue mini from KaBOOM!) is a single issue; Planet of the Apes Archive and Sons of Anarchy (both BOOM! Studios) both see their volumes two, with the former being in hardcover and the latter soft.