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Pokémon XY Fates Collide TCG Expansion

The Pokémon XY Fates Collide Expansion is set to hit shelves May 2nd in the United States. The set is already out in Japan with the title Awakening of the Psychic King (めざめる超王) and some cards are available via pre-release events through participating Pokémon Play hosts.  The set will feature 120 new cards and will fall…

Undertale, GameFAQs, and Sore Losers

Undertale’s victory in the GameFAQs “Best Game Ever” poll is one of those minor internet events that, though only mildly amusing itself, reflects interestingly on the culture around it. Probably most people in the games community are already aware of what happened, but allow me to provide a quick recap. Beginning on the fifth of…