• MST3K Steps into Comics

    MST3K Steps into Comics0

    If she could, Felicia Day would want to step into a Care Bears comic book. Day, who plays mad scientist Kinga Forrester in the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 revival, decided this was the happier, safer option compared to jumping into superhero comics. Gotham City? Metropolis? Death traps! All of them!

  • MST3K “2” is No Electric Boogaloo

    MST3K “2” is No Electric Boogaloo0

    For a puppet show born on a Minnesotan UHF channel nearly 30 years ago, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has enjoyed remarkable longevity. Two decades after it ended its original ten-season run, the show has grown from cult classic to genuine pop culture phenomenon; the end credits encouraged viewers to “keep circulating the tapes,” and now

  • Felicia Day is Disappointed In You, #GamerGate, And You Proved Her Right

    Felicia Day is Disappointed In You, #GamerGate, And You Proved Her Right3

    Last night, Felicia Day — creator of The Guild and all around awesome person — posted a gentle I’m Not Mad, I’m Just Disappointed to members of #GamerGate. Her post is thoughtful, sympathetic, and focused not on the hideous bile spewing from every orifice of the #GamerGate monster, but on the disappointment she felt in herself

  • Layman & Guillory’s CHEW to Get Animated Feature

    Layman & Guillory’s CHEW to Get Animated Feature0

    • April 23, 2014

    Well, it happened, you guys: all of my dreams came true. After a few false rumors that John Layman and Rob Guillory’s amazing Image series Chew was on its way to television and movies, we’ve finally got a confirmation: Chew will be getting an animated feature. Tony will be voiced by The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun,