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The Princess of Clèves Cover. Claire Bouilhac. Catel Muller. Dargaud (French), Europe Comics (English) 18 September, 2019

The Princess of Clèves: A Lively Retelling of a Classic Tale

The Princess of Clèves Claire Bouilhac (Writer), Cromatik Ltd (Letters), Madame de La Fayette (Writer), Marie-Anne Didierjean (Colours), Mercedes Claire Gilliom (Translation), Valérie Michaux (Colours), Catel Muller (Writer and Artist) Dargaud (French), Europe Comics (English) 18 September, 2019 Madame de La Fayette’s classic story The Princess of Clèves is given new life as a graphic novel for…

Tales From Behind the Window Cover. Europe Comics. August 2019.

Tales from Behind the Window: A Bleak Tale of Lost Opportunities

Tales from Behind the Window Edanur Kuntman (Writer and Artist), Veli Okulan (Letters), Cem Ulgen (Translation) Marmara Cizgi (Turkish), Europe Comics (English) August 20, 2019 In Tales from Behind the Window, writer Edanur Kuntman splices together her grandmother Süreyya’s story about her early life in Çarşamba, Turkey, and her reluctant marriage to her neighbour, Selami.

Hedge Fund Volume 1 Cover by Patrick Hénaff

Hedge Fund: Thrilling Financial Story, But Too Many Clichés

Hedge Fund Volume 1: Money Men Cromatik Ltd (Letters), Patrick Hénaff (Artist), Anne Howell (Translation), Christian Lerolle (Colours), Le Moal (Colours), Poupart (Colours), Tristan Roulot (Writer), Philippe Sabbah (Writer) Lombard (French), Europe Comics (English) July 17, 2019 Disclaimer: Izneo has provided WWAC with a VIP Access Pass. Frank Carvale is at the end of his tether. He…