• Top Cow Pubwatch: April/May

    Top Cow Pubwatch: April/May0

    Top Cow news has been light over the past little while, and there aren’t necessarily a lot of new comics on the horizon, but the publisher continues to consistently produce solid reads in their ongoing series. Their library features a lot of unique stories, as well as their latest reboot of their flagship title, Cyber

  • PUBWATCH: How Now Top Cow! October

    PUBWATCH: How Now Top Cow! October2

    What’s New In my first Top Cow Pubwatch, I talked about Eclipse getting picked up for television. Now, Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment is grabbing several other Image titles, including Top Cow’s The Darkness and Think Tank, which will be executive produced by Top Cow’s founder, Marc Silvestri, and president, Matt Hawkins. While the show is

  • PUBWATCH: How Now Top Cow! September

    PUBWATCH: How Now Top Cow! September0

    Welcome to Top Cow Pubwatch volume 2. I’ve been busy reading up on all of Top Cow’s offerings since my last Pubwatch and I can’t express enough how much I am loving the variety of stories they have to offer, from super heroes to romance and so much more. At WWAC, we’ve been busy with