• Hi-Fi Fight Club: Mix Tape(d Fists)

    Hi-Fi Fight Club: Mix Tape(d Fists)3

    Hi-Fi Fight Club (BOOM! Box) is currently on issue #2. Nola’s feature on the nebulous drawbacks of the first issue spoke to a lot of my own feelings. We both like the book, and would (or have) recommend it as a monthly read, but we both also perceive it to be imperfect. It can feel

  • Sing a Song of Spiritus

    Sing a Song of Spiritus0

    Spiritus Tim Daniel (words & design), Michael Kennedy (art), Lauren Norby (letterer) The Vault, 2017 “This comic is like a song.” That’s something I say sometimes. I say it to mean I read this with my brain out of focus, like I saw the main strength of it with the part of my brain that processes

  • Knit Your Comics: A Pussyhat of Steel

    Knit Your Comics: A Pussyhat of Steel0

    • March 1, 2017

    I’ve been a big fan of the Supergirl TV show since it started.  I’ve always been a Supers > Bats person, and few people embody the spirit of the Supers the way this show is allowed to. It’s been my weekly joy for two seasons now, although less so now that James and Kara aren’t