• Ed Piskor’s Grand Design for the X-Men

    Ed Piskor’s Grand Design for the X-Men1

    The first 30 years of the X-Men, including Chris Claremont’s record-setting run, is legendary. With almost two decades and 200 issues within Claremont’s tapestry alone, it’s hard to imagine how all of that could be condensed into a mere six books. For someone to even think of doing so, they would have to be either

  • X-Men Toys: You Dare Call Those Things- Human?

    X-Men Toys: You Dare Call Those Things- Human?0

    I can pinpoint the exact moment I fell out of love with the X-Men. I certainly like a fair amount of the things the franchise has produced, but it’s just that, a product, and no one has worked harder to remind readers of that fact than Marvel themselves. The moment that did it for me

  • The Captain America We Need

    The Captain America We Need6

    A radical hate movement has infiltrated the American government. A cartoon despot pulls tactics from his skimming of Mein Kampf while a hostile foreign power pulls his strings. Just as we’ve started to make progress toward lasting change and brought long-overdue conversations on transphobia, racism, and systemic oppression to the public sphere, we find ourselves