• Book Beat: Potential B&N Buyout, Amazon Wages, and Good Omens TV News

    Book Beat: Potential B&N Buyout, Amazon Wages, and Good Omens TV News0

    Hello lovely readers, this is your Bookmarked editor Paige here! Welcome to your weekly installment of Book Beat. The United States is just getting over a three/four-ish day weekend (in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), so the news cycle has been a little slow. But fear not, for

  • Our Favorite Games of 2016

    Our Favorite Games of 20160

    This year has seen the release of some incredible games. Incredible in every sense–we’ve seen games we never thought would come out (The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV), games that we never expected to love so much (Overwatch), and games that probably could have benefited from a little more time in the oven (No Man’s

  • Previously On Comics: Oh, comics.

    Previously On Comics: Oh, comics.0

    Hello, Previously fans! Kate here with the final Previously on Comics of 2016. And this past week was a doozy, reminding us all that just being in comics is a questionable life choice. Sometimes you spend a morning away from social media for whatever reason–a late morning snooze, an early morning workout–and then you check

  • Overwatch: Everybody’s Doing It, You Should Too

    Overwatch: Everybody’s Doing It, You Should Too0

    In May, Blizzard Entertainment, makers of the long standing Warcraft games, added a new game to their roster: Overwatch. And it’s taking over eeeeverything. If you haven’t seen the commercials on television, you may have come across the many memes, the fan art, the cosplay, or seen “Play of the Game” overlaid across your favourite movie

  • Delving Deeper into Gaming Lore

    Delving Deeper into Gaming Lore4

    It all started with Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, a brilliant military strategist, the hero of the Battle of Riverdane, trusted advisor to King Cailan, father of the queen, and loyal friend and guardian to Cailan’s father Maric. When King Maric’s ship was lost at sea, Loghain spent two years searching for him, nearly bankrupting the Ferelden coffers.