• Batman #78 & 79: BatCat In Paradise

    Batman #78 & 79: BatCat In Paradise0

    Batman #78 and #79 Clayton Cowles (letterer), Tom King (writer), Clay Mann (artist/inker), Seth Mann (inker), Tomeu Morey (colorist), DC Comics September 11, 2019 and September 18, 2019 Batman #78 and #79 bring us paradise, romance, and more, as Catwoman gets Batman back into fighting shape!

  • Comics and Kink: Bettie Page, the Dark Angel of Comic Books

    Comics and Kink: Bettie Page, the Dark Angel of Comic Books0

    Humanity uses fiction as a means of escape; it’s a pretty old refrain. At the same time, that doesn’t necessarily mean the realities of our world don’t bleed into the margins. Certain environments, foods, educational systems, and the general laws of physics are common enough to be negligible, for example. We structure ourselves around these

  • DC PUBWATCH – September 2019 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – September 2019 Edition1

    The biggest news of this month’s DC Pubwatch is the further expansion of the Black Label line with another addition to Frank Miller’s Dark Knight canon (why?!), and Daniel Warren Johnson’s Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. We also got news of James Tynion IV’s “Year of the Villain” spin-off tied to the Infected and the Batman

  • Batman #77: There’s No Going Back Now

    Batman #77: There’s No Going Back Now0

    Batman #77 Clayton Cowles (letterer), Mikel Janin (artist/inker), Tony Salvador Daniel (artist/inker), Norm Rapmund (inker), Tom King (writer), Jordie Bellaire (colorist), Tomeu Morey (colorist) DC Comics August 21, 2019 Batman #77 raises the stakes and breaks hearts as the true brutality of Gotham City’s greatest villain and new dynamic duo are brought to light.

  • DC PUBWATCH – August 2019 Edition

    DC PUBWATCH – August 2019 Edition1

    The only big news of this month’s DC Pubwatch is that G. Willow Wilson is leaving Wonder Woman with October’s issue #81, giving us four more issues under her pen. Set to replace her for at least a six issue arc is Steve Orlando, who wrote issues #51-55 of the series before Wilson came on.

  • Batman #76: Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

    Batman #76: Where Have All The Heroes Gone?0

    Batman #76 Clayton Cowles (letterer), Tony Salvador Daniel (artist), Sandu Florea (inker), Tom King (writer), Tomeu Morey (colorist), Norm Rapmund (inker) DC Comics August 7, 2019 Where have all the heroes gone? That’s the question that Batman #76 sets out to answer, as Gotham under Bane appears to be a police state run by none