• The Complete The Killer: The Craft of Pasting Ethics Over Action

    The Complete The Killer: The Craft of Pasting Ethics Over Action0

    The Complete The Killer Matz and Luc Jacamon, translated by Matz and Edward Gauvin, with lettering by Marshall Dillon (Chapters 1-10) and Deron Bennett (Chapters 11-13) Archaia for BOOM! Studios The Complete The Killer (RRP $39.99) is unbelievably long. Unreasonably, as a PDF—my internet’s not great, but even so—it took a full hour to load

  • The Secret is Out: Bolivar is Beautiful

    The Secret is Out: Bolivar is Beautiful0

    Bolivar Sean Rubin (Writer and Artist) Archaia/Boom! Studios November 15, 2017 Bolivar, the last living dinosaur, enjoys a quiet life in a New York City apartment. Schoolgirl Sybil lives next door. He depends on no one noticing him, but Sybil and her camera have other plans. When Bolivar is mistaken for the mayor, Sybil finally

  • BOOM! Bar: License to Misbehave

    BOOM! Bar: License to Misbehave0

    Hahahaha, I’m so smart. This week’s BOOM! Bar requires almost no input from me, your host! Except for all that behind-the-scenes organisational hell… but that’s normal. I’m counting it a win. Why am I home free this week? Because everything’s but the below’s already assigned! Hurray for long-term planning! The week of Wednesday the 29th