• About That New Dykes to Watch Out For Strip

    About That New Dykes to Watch Out For Strip0

    Yesterday, Allison Bechdel posted a new strip for her comic Dykes to Watch Out For (DTWOF) for the first time in over eight years. Like Chris Baldwin’s Bruno, DTWOF was remarkable partly because it covered a fascinating span of political eras, but delivered a queer perspective on the happenings of the world. It was also

  • News & Things: Metal hurling (towards North America)0

    • February 27, 2014

    News Metal Hurlant Coming to SyFy And, I’m assuming that in Canada Space will pick it up. The French anthology TV series has just wrapped its second series, and very soon Americans and Canadians will be able to enjoy all the sexy scifi and ultraviolence.

  • News & Things: Feminism(s)0

    • November 13, 2013

    Promise you’ll come back? Go read this short comic from Kate Beaton on border guards and breaking up. And then come back. Oh hey. News Black Female Voices: bell hooks & Melissa Harris-Perry Melissa Harris-Perry and bell hooks sit down to discuss black feminism, then and now and going forward. Why Video Games Succeeded Where

  • (late) Summer Reading

    (late) Summer Reading0

    • July 31, 2013

    Summer reading lists usually come out in late spring, early summer. Just as you’re starting to dream of a cold drink on a hot afternoon (or consuming your body weight in liquid, while being submerged in liquid, as one does). This ain’t no ordinary summer reading list though, it’s specifically, a late summer reading list,