• Last Week’s Episode: Hellboy, Hawkeye, & Dove

    Last Week’s Episode: Hellboy, Hawkeye, & Dove0

    Another week, another cascade of comics-adjacent media in the news! Hellboy drops this week, Avengers this month, and Disney cannot stop itself from mining the Marvel IP mines for literally everything they can. Lexi Alexander Lexi Alexander (Punisher: War Zone), Oscar-nominated director, kickboxing champion, former stuntwoman, and prolific tweeter, did a really fascinating interview about cinematography,

  • Fall Reading2

    • October 4, 2013

    Fall is a good time for books that will destroy your everything. It’s not winter, when disaffection can stretch on into misery. Fall? There are pumpkins to carve, fallen leaves to jump into, and forget seasonal affective disorder–there’s still enough sun to keep you from the black pit of despair we call deep winter. I read a