• Gerald’s Game Is A Harrowing Survivor’s Story

    Gerald’s Game Is A Harrowing Survivor’s Story1

    Gerald’s Game Mike Flanagan (director and editor), Michael Fimognari (cinematography) Adapted from Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game by Mike Flanagan Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Henry Thomas (cast) Released September 24th (Fantastic Fest), September 29th (internet release) Content Warning: Sexual abuse. I went into Gerald’s Game having not read the book (I shouldn’t be allowed to call

  • Oscars Welcomes Abusers Gibson and Affleck

    Oscars Welcomes Abusers Gibson and Affleck2

    Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault, racism and antisemitism. In July 2010, two women filed a $2m lawsuit against actor Casey Affleck, alleging repeated instances of sexual harassment from Affleck as they worked together on his directorial debut. The allegations included accusations of verbal abuse and physical intimidation, including one instance where a plaintiff

  • Not Bad For A Girl: How Harley Quinn Became DC’s Hottest Property

    Not Bad For A Girl: How Harley Quinn Became DC’s Hottest Property0

    Who is the real Harley Quinn? Is she the besotted lover of the Joker? Problematic “Hysterical Woman” trope? Feminist comic book icon? Fan favourite turned fourth pillar of the DCU? Let’s start at the beginning…

  • Ghostbusters Opening Marred by Misogynoir

    Ghostbusters Opening Marred by Misogynoir1

    • July 19, 2016

    Ghostbusters released preview showings as early as Wednesday before its official opening on Friday July 15. By opening day, there were the handful of usual suspects we need not name who actually bought tickets to take photos of what they tell us are empty theaters where Ghostbusters is showing. Despite the dire imprecations of sexist fans stuck

  • Animal Crossing Saved My Life

    Animal Crossing Saved My Life8

    (Content Warning: Abuse, Rape, Physical Abuse, Attempted Murder) Animal Crossing saved my life. That’s not hyperbolic.