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    Z Akhmetova

    Z Akhmetova is a young Russian-American illustrator, cartoonist and art instructor. She loves snakes, dogs, female characters of all kinds, and bread.

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  • Picture This: Raggedy and the Cloud

    Picture This: Raggedy and the Cloud0

    This write-up is more personal than the other ones I’ve done so far, and I hope you will excuse me gushing for several minutes about some artists I love and admire. Sofia Prokofievna (b. 1928) is a Russian illustrator, poet, playwright, and, most importantly to me, the author of many original “fairy tales” for children.

  • Picture This: Gyo Fujikawa

    Picture This: Gyo Fujikawa0

    • March 3, 2016

    I picked up my first Gyo Fujikawa book as a teenager in a used bookstore, because the cute, gentle artwork caught my eye. Titled simply Mother Goose, it was a hefty book containing many traditional folk and nursery rhymes and an equally impressive number of illustrations. The pages alternated between delicate pen-and-ink spots and cheerful

  • Picture This: The Tree House by Marije and Robert Tolman

    Picture This: The Tree House by Marije and Robert Tolman0

    The Tree House (first published by Lemniscaat, Belgium, in 2009) is a wordless picture book created by the father-daughter team of Marije and Ronald Tolman. It depicts a couple of bears (and many other animals) hanging out in a treehouse that starts out in the ocean and ends up on dry land. The blurb on the