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    Steph A. Hawk

    The Mad Historian, also known as Steph F. Hawk, is a book-loving, cat-loving, and tea-loving historian who loves a good story. Historical inaccuracies and sexism make her cranky, but a good piece of pie will make her purr like a kitten.

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  • “This is Halloween!”: A History of Halloween, Part 2

    “This is Halloween!”: A History of Halloween, Part 20

    The Mad Historian returns in Part 2 of “This is Halloween!” a two-part series that looks into the history of Halloween traditions, symbols, and more. Part 2 is a quick and dirty look at a few specifically American Halloween tradition for those history-loving folks who are intrigued by Halloween’s convoluted past. For an overview of how

  • “This is Halloween!”: A History, Part 1

    “This is Halloween!”: A History, Part 10

    In this special article, Ginnis sought out a historian to reveal some of the secrets behind the history of this great season. Fortunately, she discovered a “Mad Historian” who takes a perverse pleasure in tackling the maddeningly mundane questions that plague so many of us like “How did Halloween come to be?” In Part 1 of this two