Author: Soco Cinconegui

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. CD Projekt Red. 2015.

WWAC’s Gaming Resolutions for 2017

If resolutions are supposed to be about bettering ourselves, the WWAC games section’s resolutions are about finishing our long-standing obligations, making our own games, and finally tackling our ever-growing to-play lists with verve and vigor. Some of our contributors shared their resolutions for the coming year, and maybe they’ll inspire you to game harder in 2017.

Al Rosenberg Games Section

Remote Role-Playing: Keep the Dice Rolling

My favorite kind of social event is a good role-playing session with friends, when we’re sitting around a messy table cluttered with books, maps, papers and dice, littered with snack wrappers and empty coffee mugs. But this idyllic kind of gatherings have become increasingly hard for me to arrange: as we grow up, schedules become…