Author: Ray Sonne

Always the Side Character Never the Main: Invader Zim’s Gaz

If you grew up in 1990s America, likely you’re familiar with Jhonen Vasquez’s work. His comic series Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is fundamentally part of end-of-20th century United States culture, with its darkness, extreme violence, and bizarre humorous interjections. Greatly popular, his humor seeped into mainstream zeitgeist, joining many of the “totally x-treme” pieces of…

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Crowd Funder of the Week: Nerd Out App

Looking to meet new people to share your nerdy interests? Missing out on nerd-related events in your area because you learned of them too late? Michelle “Elle” Jensen has a proposed solution for your problems with Nerd Out! Nerd Out is an app that compiles nerd-related events around your local area so that you no…