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  • Dynamite Pubwatch: April 2020

    Dynamite Pubwatch: April 20200

    In this month’s Dynamite Entertainment Pubwatch, reboots are announced for both the Bettie Page license and The Green Hornet…that is, if Dynamite unpauses its book launches. Welcome to the Dynamite Entertainment Pubwatch for the month of April! I’m Lisa, Dynamite is my explosive beat, and here’s this month’s news!

  • Katy Keene’s “Ma” is all About Family

    Katy Keene’s “Ma” is all About Family0

    In Katy Keene chapter eight, Jorge copes with the aftermath of his gay bashing incident, which means dealing with his father’s resultant over-protectiveness and his own trauma. Josie rebels against Alex’s authority vis-a-vis her career (again) by shooting a music video behind his back. Katy has the opportunity to compete for a prestigious internship, but to