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    Leslie Anderson

    Leslie was born and raised in Michigan. She spent a lot of her time falling off ponies and out of trees. She received a BA in Writing from Michigan State University and an MA in Writing from Ohio University. Her writing and art has appeared in Asimov’s, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, and the International Journal of Comics Art. She obsessively consumes video games, comic books, speculative novels, and espresso. Her collection of poetry is forthcoming from Alliteration Ink.

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  • Interview with Joan Reilly0

    Joan Reilly is a fantastically talented artist and half of the amazing team that put together an anthology discussing feminism in, and through, comics. The Big Feminist BUT: Comics About Women, Men and the IFs, ANDs & BUTs of Feminism came out July 8th and is available online. Her work has appeared in Studs Terkel’s

  • Review: The Wolverine, The Softer Side of Awesome0

    I’m going to say it. The Wolverine was my favorite X-men movie thus far (sorry, X-men First Class). Those who enjoyed the campy, super-power driven earlier movies might be disappointed though. The movie took its time, and took itself very seriously. That’s probably best for a movie that features atomic bombs and suicide.