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    Kayleigh Donaldson

    Short bio: Kayleigh Donaldson is a writer from Scotland. She's a features writer for Screen Rant, the co-editor of Bibliodaze.com and the co-host of the podcasts Anglo-Filles & Bloodsucking Feminist. She spends most of her time on Twitter at @Ceilidhann.

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  • Oscars Welcomes Abusers Gibson and Affleck

    Oscars Welcomes Abusers Gibson and Affleck2

    Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault, racism and antisemitism. In July 2010, two women filed a $2m lawsuit against actor Casey Affleck, alleging repeated instances of sexual harassment from Affleck as they worked together on his directorial debut. The allegations included accusations of verbal abuse and physical intimidation, including one instance where a plaintiff