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    J. A. Micheline

    JAM's been reading comics since she was 8. As a critic, she focuses on race and gender issues. She also writes prose fiction, comics, and the occasional angry tweet before bedtime. Find her on Twitter at @elevenafter.

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  • W.W.A.Civil War: The Comic Edition

    W.W.A.Civil War: The Comic Edition0

    With the release of Captain America: Civil War trailer officially hitting our screens fan and viewer reactions have been mixed between the positive and negative. At WWAC our staff began discussing in detail about both the upcoming movie, and the 2006 Marvel Civil War comic event written by Mark Millar. The event pitted Captain America against Iron

  • The Silent Lessons of Strange Fruit #2: A Review That Isn’t

    The Silent Lessons of Strange Fruit #2: A Review That Isn’t4

    Strange Fruit #2 J.G. Jones and Mark Waid (Authors), J.G. Jones (Artist), Deron Bennett (Letterer) BOOM! Studios   October 4, 2015 Though Strange Fruit #1 was published in July, the BOOM! response to criticisms lodged about its racial insensitivity in the following weeks and months has been relative silence. I tried very hard not to blame them, as it’s a