Author: Angel Cruz

The Fault in Our Stars: A Quiet, Infinite Film

Just before Julius Caesar informs Brutus that “the fault . . . is not in our stars,” he makes a more startling observation: “Men at some time are masters of their fates.” The qualification, “at some time,” is key to understanding The Fault in Our Stars, a film already powered by a devoted fanbase to top…

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Dogears: Books So Good They’re Creased

Pivot Point Kasie West HarperTeen Alternate universes and all their myriad possibilities live in Addison Coleman’s head. She’s a Divergent, a rare kind of Para-human, and the advanced development of her mind allows her to see the results of choices she faces before she makes them. As amazing as her powers might be to Norms,…

Staff Picks for May — Books

Since You’ve Been Gone Morgan Matson Simon & Schuster, May 6th It’s about a girl named Emily who’s best friend, Sloane, has disappeared but not without leaving behind a list of things to do (like skinny dipping and apple picking at night). I’ve had the chance to read this book and it was so much…