Day: September 15, 2014

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Picture This: Suzy Lee

Remember how last month the first Picture This post was going to be about Patricia Polacco? I thought I’d be able to write a succinct overview of Polacco’s work along with numerous insights into the underlying themes consistent throughout her body of work, with picture scans and a timeline of her life up to this…

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The Twin Peaks Log: Pilot

Welcome to our biweekly roundtable of Twin Peaks where we are working our way through every. Single. Episode. Some of us are regulars and some of us newbies, but none of our experiences are the same. So get yourself a damn fine cup of coffee, watch along with us, and feel free to chime in…

I'm Loving: Rooftop Prince Featured Image

I’m Loving: Rooftop Prince

The heir to a multimedia company sees a pretty girl on the streets of New York City—no, wait. Let me try that again. A prince from the 18th century and his three bodyguards fall onto a roof in 2012—nope, I need to go back further. A princess is found dead in a lake. So begins…