Day: January 16, 2014

News & Things: Holy DVD Release, Batman!

News 1966 Batman Television Series Coming to DVD Conan O’Brien (of all people) broke the news: the 60s Batman television series, starring Adam West and Burt Ward, is finally coming to DVD sometime in 2014. No Amazon for Wonder Woman The CW confirms that Amazon, the in-development television series about Wonder Woman’s early adventures, is…

Dumbing Of Age, David Willis webcomic

Webcomic Capsules — school, college and roommates

Today’s Capsules is all about student life. Although I have to say our characters do anything but study–apparently, that’s not interesting material for a webcomic. High school, college, and even kidergarten, surely these students will find something interesting to do, such as solving mysteries like the Bad Machinery girls, fighting “villains” as our cute little…