Day: November 6, 2013

Help Fund Fantagraphics’ 2014 Spring Season

Fantagraphics is looking to crowdfund its spring season books. The move is in response to a cash flow crunch that more and more book and comic book publishers are getting squeezed by. (Just look at book publishing, where venerable small houses are closing, merging, and holding fire sales for their backlists.) Publishers tend to run…

Steven Universe Rose Quartz, Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar

Steven Universe

The first female solo-created series in Cartoon Network’s 21-year history, Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe premieres with a lot of fanfare.  Series openers “Gem Glow” and “Laser Light Cannon” drop us headfirst into Steven’s, um, universe, where the enthusiastic young boy protects Beach City alongside the mystical warriors known as the Crystal Gems—AKA Garnet, Amethyst, and…