Day: September 30, 2013

Judge Dredd Year One Greg Staples IDW Publishing

Judge Dredd: We Are The Law

My road to comics fandom has been a surprisingly short but busy one. Granted, I started reading Batman/Detective as a child, but only started reading Hawkeye and Young Avengers after the Marvel NOW! launch. Similarly, I took a chance on the comical grotesquery of Chew in 2011 mostly because I felt guilty about not reading…

Intersections: Race, Gender, and Comics.

Today we kick off a sprawling new series of essays, interviews, and roundtables. And by sprawling I mean that it’s gonna take awhile. Intersections: Race, Gender, and Comics will look at the comics industry, fandom, and representations of race and gender in comics and their various adaptations. This isn’t a series on race AND gender…