• Iconic Scenes: “Now’s the Fucking Time”

    Iconic Scenes: “Now’s the Fucking Time”0

    Kill Bill volume one was release in 2003. The film, both volumes, is a love letter to samurai and western films and the relationship the two genres share. Tarantino also calls it a love letter to the colour blonde–to the Bride, Uma Thurman’s hair and the figure she casts in that Bruce Lee inspired yellow

  • Black Heroism and “The Man” in Luke Cage

    Black Heroism and “The Man” in Luke Cage0

    So now—Luke Cage is a hero. The arc of his heroism passes from the (messy) pilot into the end of the fourth episode, when he announces to the press that his name is Luke Cage. For some reason, I suppose. On the one hand, the rationale for his involvement with Cottonmouth is quite clear: Cottonmouth