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The Best and Worst Boarding Schools in YA

August is coming to an end, and even though it’s been a few years since I’ve had the perversely strange pleasure of picking out new folders and pens, I’m thinking about school. I went to schools of varying degrees of quality and remoteness in a handful of Midwestern states, and while I’m appreciative in many…

Books That Broke Our Hearts

Last Saturday was Valentine’s Day, a celebration dedicated to love and romance. Leading up to it, Women Write About Comics contributors got into the spirit by sharing their dream dates with their favourite comic book characters. But now that Cupid’s holiday has passed us by, we thought we’d look at the other side of the coin–heart break….

Standout LGBTQ Reads of 2014

I know by now you’re probably tired of “Best of 2014” lists but I can’t help adding one more. There were a lot of incredible LGBTQ books released in 2014 and I didn’t see nearly enough of them on other “Best Of” lists. The following are the titles I read that really stood out.