• Dogears: A Separation from a Discovery of Witches

    Dogears: A Separation from a Discovery of Witches0

    A Discovery of Witches Deborah Harkness Narrated by Jennifer Ikeda Penguin Books February 2011 As a teenager, I had wanted to like the Twilight series. Everyone around me seemed to be riding that train, and I always wanted to like fun; I never have. I read Stephenie Meyer’s series with increasing disdain and eventually eviscerating

  • Dogears: Inverting Tropes in Storytelling

    Dogears: Inverting Tropes in Storytelling0

    • March 3, 2017

    Becoming Unbecoming Una Arsenal Pulp Press December 1, 2015 Una simultaneously explores the terror of living through her own sexual abuses and the entirely-too-geographically-close Yorkshire Ripper’s serial killings in 1977 Northern England. There is an amazing amount of thoughtful material about abuser’s tactics, survivor’s coping mechanisms, the commonplace attitudes that breed violence against women, and

  • Dogears: An Unfinished World of Unrequited Love

    Dogears: An Unfinished World of Unrequited Love0

    The Unfinished World Amber Sparks Liveright January 25, 2016 The Unfinished World invites readers into the slightly off-center realities characteristic of Amber Sparks’ fabulist short stories. The stories are quirky and interesting, proving that the only thing readers can expect from Sparks’ work is that the stories will be unexpected.

  • Dogears: The Power of Symbolism and Storytelling

    Dogears: The Power of Symbolism and Storytelling0

    Mama’s Nightingale: A Story of Immigration and Separation Edwidge Danticat & Leslie Staub Dial Books September 1, 2015 The complexity of immigration policy may be difficult to explain to a child, but many are affected by it. Saya’s mother is an undocumented Haitian immigrant who has been detained by ICE. To ease Saya’s suffering, her

  • Dogears: More SmallvilleGuy!

    Dogears: More SmallvilleGuy!0

    Lois Lane: Double Down Gwenda Bond Switch Press May 1, 2016 Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Jess, WWAC writer, reviewed the first Lois Lane novel Fallout, and I agreed that it was a really fun read. I adored teen Lois and was excited

  • Dogears: An Unscripted History of Dragons

    Dogears: An Unscripted History of Dragons0

    • May 5, 2016

    My Unscripted Life Lauren Morrill Delacorte (Random House) October 11, 2016 Lauren Morrill is a comforting voice in YA fiction, with contemporary romances that aren’t surprising but still engaging. But My Unscripted Life is the least captivating of her books thus far—it’s a novel that elevates romance at the expense of character development and story growth.