• Reading and Rereading The Handmaid’s Tale

    Reading and Rereading The Handmaid’s Tale2

    Many of us have been heavily anticipating Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 dystopian classic, The Handmaid’s Tale, starring Elisabeth Moss in what could be her next great television role since she played the ambitious Peggy Olsen on Mad Men. Several of us at WWAC (and our friends) took to rereading (or in some cases reading for

  • Dogears: A Separation from a Discovery of Witches

    Dogears: A Separation from a Discovery of Witches0

    A Discovery of Witches Deborah Harkness Narrated by Jennifer Ikeda Penguin Books February 2011 As a teenager, I had wanted to like the Twilight series. Everyone around me seemed to be riding that train, and I always wanted to like fun; I never have. I read Stephenie Meyer’s series with increasing disdain and eventually eviscerating

  • Canada Reads 2017: The Defence

    Canada Reads 2017: The Defence0

    It’s that time of year again! Canada Reads is back with five new books and the Canadian celebrities who plan to defend them. Every year, Canada tunes into CBC to watch four days of painstaking debate on the book that Canadians should be reading right now. We’ve assembled three of our Canadian book lovers to