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A man with a shadowed face, wearing a 70s-style boating blazer, stands with his hands dramatically upraised. Behind him is a white sphere with a face and hands pressing out of it.

The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine Gives Us a New Free Man

The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine Simon Bowland (letterer), Joana Lafuente (colorist), David Leach (editor and original plot), Colin Lorimer (artist), George Markstein (co-creator), Patrick McGoohan (co-creator), Peter Milligan (writer) Titan Comics October 31 2018 A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My childhood was filled with…

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Comic Book Name Game: Week Three

It’s the Year of the Knockoff here at WWAC, and to illustrate just how samey comic book characters have been, I’m going to chain together all of their names, using an element of the last one to pick the next one. I’ll also mention their other name(s) and where they’re “from.” For the sake of…