• WWAC Warriors: Chronic Illness, Management, and Relief

    WWAC Warriors: Chronic Illness, Management, and Relief6

    • August 19, 2015

    My favorite thing in the world is chocolate cake. In fact, let me tell you my ideal meal, just to set the scene. It’s 6:30 pm, I’m wearing slacks and a short-sleeved button-up, loafers for comfort and style. The restaurant is nice, but not too nice that I can’t get reservations. Maybe there are candles

  • Freaky Vegan Daughter: Summer Lovin’ & Adventurin’

    Freaky Vegan Daughter: Summer Lovin’ & Adventurin’0

    Freaky Vegan Daughter (FVD) returns with some tips for your summer backpack adventures. It’s WWAC Warriors meets offbeat feminist southern debutante.

  • WWAC Warriors: Standing Eight

    WWAC Warriors: Standing Eight1

    In the course of eight days before beginning this article, I had six separate pep talks from five different people about my upcoming second fight. A week and a half before I was scheduled to get back in the ring, I asked my kru (my coach; see previous previous posts 1 and 2) to take

  • WWAC Warriors: No Adamantium Needed

    WWAC Warriors: No Adamantium Needed1

    I love getting dirty, I relish in the scent of my own particular shall we say … fragrance after a few hours, days, or more on a camping trip. I don’t mind the sun beating down on my shoulders or a sudden rainstorm forcing me to duck under a tree and quickly pull on my

  • WWAC Warriors: The Lazy Woman’s Zombie Apocalypse

    WWAC Warriors: The Lazy Woman’s Zombie Apocalypse2

    • April 29, 2015

    My fellow WWAC Warriors impress me to no end with their incredible feats. From to bodybuilding to Muay Thai to recovery workouts and diets, it seems like they can and will do it all. Their dedication and effort are inspiring—or at least they ought to be, but my problem is that I’m lazy. Also, I really love

  • WWAC Warriors: Mama Said Knock You Out

    WWAC Warriors: Mama Said Knock You Out6

    Warriors, I really, really wanted to open this follow-up post with a triumphant I WON!!, and we could all celebrate our various accomplishments with a round of metaphorical champagne and dim sum. (Yeah, my cravings got pretty eclectic in the last week.) But I didn’t win. Technically, I didn’t lose, either. When the referee gathered