• Tini Howard’s Captain America

    Tini Howard’s Captain America0

    Writer Tini Howard takes Captain America and Bucky back to their origins with a World War II story in Captain America Annual #1. The story involves Cap and Bucky protecting World War II concentration camp escapees, an element of World War II that many Cap stories have shied away from. It’s a dark time in our

  • James Bond Origin #1 Lacks the Requisite Punch

    James Bond Origin #1 Lacks the Requisite Punch0

    James Bond Origin #1 Jeff Parker (Writer), Bob Q (Artist and Colourist), Simon Bowland (Letterer) Dynamite Entertainment 5 September, 2018 Clydebank, Scotland, World War II: Lt. Commander Ronald Weldon of the British Royal Navy is escorting his pupils to safety as bombs rain over the town. Clydebank makes for an attractive target, what with its