• Butcher of Paris: A Gory and Gripping Murder Mystery

    Butcher of Paris: A Gory and Gripping Murder Mystery0

    Butcher of Paris #1 Dean Kotz (Artist), Troy Peteri (Letters), Stephanie Phillips (Writer), Jason Wordie (Colours) Dark Horse Comics December 4, 2019 The Second World War was a time of great horror, but one man decided to take advantage of the despair around him for his own personal, and horrific, gain.

  • Tini Howard’s Captain America

    Tini Howard’s Captain America0

    Writer Tini Howard takes Captain America and Bucky back to their origins with a World War II story in Captain America Annual #1. The story involves Cap and Bucky protecting World War II concentration camp escapees, an element of World War II that many Cap stories have shied away from. It’s a dark time in our