• Does Heathen Address White Feminism On Purpose?

    Does Heathen Address White Feminism On Purpose?0

    Heathen #6 Natasha Alterici (words, illustrations, colors), Rachel Deering (letters) Vault Comics February 21, 2018 When I first read the collected Heathen graphic novel last year the story spoke to me in ways that I could not fully express, both personally as a queer woman and as a feminist. This lesbian viking mythos that writer,

  • The Beguiled: Gorgeous but Empty

    The Beguiled: Gorgeous but Empty0

    The Beguiled (2017) Directed by Sofia Coppola Starring Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning Focus Features June 23, 2017 The Beguiled, directed by Sophia Coppola, is a gorgeous, but muted film. It’s an adaptation of the Gothic novel A Painted Devil by Thomas P. Cullinan and a remake of the lurid 1971

  • Supergirl’s White Kryptonite

    Supergirl’s White Kryptonite0

    There aren’t many shows I really love these days. For every Jane the Virgin or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, there seems to be a corresponding amount of hard-boiled police procedurals headlined by square-jawed and serious men. Still, it’s not a leap to say that I love Supergirl.