• Berliac: Sadboi Drawn and Quartered

    Berliac: Sadboi Drawn and Quartered1

    On May 31st, Drawn and Quarterly announced they would be publishing Argentinian cartoonist Berliac’s Sadboi, a graphic novel following the exploits of an immigrant to Norway stigmatized and denied the opportunity to integrate into Norwegian society. Within 48 hours, the publisher withdrew plans to publish Sadboi and issued an apology for not doing their due

  • The Artist: Trying in the Spirit of Failure

    The Artist: Trying in the Spirit of Failure0

    The Artist Anna Haifisch BreakdownPress, 2016  Breakdown Press’ hardback release of Anna Haifisch’s The Artist is a print compilation of nineteen strips that appeared on VICE.com between September 2015 and January 2016. Since then, VICE has also digitally published a second season of Artist strips. They are worth having on paper, worth appreciating in ink,