• Rosie’s Dynamite Roundup: September 2017

    Rosie’s Dynamite Roundup: September 20171

    Hello again, comic book adventurers. It’s me Rosie, back once more with your regular Dynamite comics roundup. We here at Women Write About Comics are dedicated to unpacking the complex parts of the industry and unwrapping the underwhelming gift that is comics so we can all enjoy/despair about it together! So here we are, with

  • 52 Facts About DC, By The Numbers: August Week Four 2017

    52 Facts About DC, By The Numbers: August Week Four 20170

    Or However Many I Feel Like, And They Might Not All Be Facts Welcome back to By The Numbers, the column where I count things in this week’s new comics from DC! This column will contain spoilers, but I’ll keep them as vague as possible while still amusing myself. What a week. Batman/The Shadow nears its

  • Politically Cartoonish: Remember June?

    Politically Cartoonish: Remember June?1

    Hello, and welcome to the June edition of Politically Cartoonish. Apologies for the lateness of June’s column. As with the rest of WWAC, the Politically Cartoonish column is working to include analyses of non-U.S. and non-Western issues. Readers are encouraged to send political cartoon suggestions to the author via her Twitter handle @youandyourego.

  • Rebirth Roundup: Dark Nights: Metal #1

    Rebirth Roundup: Dark Nights: Metal #10

    The Black Album. The Number of the Beast. British Steel. Ace of Spades. Back in Black. Every so often, there comes a piece of art that becomes so seminal it almost defines the artist. By first indication, Dark Knights: Metal will be that for the team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. While it is

  • Book Beat: First Glimpse of the Mrs. W’s

    Book Beat: First Glimpse of the Mrs. W’s0

    Hello all! We are back this week with news about some of our favorite book series! Warner Bros. and the Tolkien estate have finally settled on a five year-long legal battle over Warner Bros.’ breach of contract and copyright infringement for Lord of the Rings merchandise – specifically “electronic and digital rights, rights in media

  • That Bad Boy Image

    That Bad Boy Image0

    Welcome to Image Boys Behaviour Graph or when this becomes an inevitable smash hit column IBBG. Where we celebrate 25 years of Image by making a very statistically accurate graph looking at what the boys are up to in this most momentous year in the history of the EXTREME bad boys of comics. WHERE THEY