• Giant-Size X-Men #1: Jean Grey + Emma Frost: Friendship is Psychic

    Giant-Size X-Men #1: Jean Grey + Emma Frost: Friendship is Psychic0

    Mutant children at play discover the comatose body of Storm lying in a Krakoan forest. Jean Grey and Emma Frost must team up for a psychic rescue to save her in Giant-Size X-Men #1, and Wendy Browne and Kayleigh Hearn have teamed up to chat about it.

  • Marauders #8: Casualties of Peace

    Marauders #8: Casualties of Peace0

    Since issue #6, Kate Pryde has been afloat in the ocean surrounding Madripoor and I have diligently refused to believe that her death could possibly be real, despite Russell Dauterman’s cover reveal for issue #11. Marauders #8 rips away my hope and tears me apart with the raw emotions of the most powerful mutants unleashing

  • Marauders #5: Women’s Work Is Never Done

    Marauders #5: Women’s Work Is Never Done0

    The Hellfire Club was founded on sexism that even Emma Frost herself subscribed to in her own way, but things have changed. In Marauders #5, the Black King is trying his petty best to keep the women in their place, but the Red and White Queens have got things well under control.

  • Marauders #4: Storm. Finally.

    Marauders #4: Storm. Finally.0

    In the last issue, I said that all the pieces were on the board, but, unsurprisingly, that grandiose statement was wrong. In Marauders #4, we discover that there’s a whole other chess board that the Hellfire Corporation and mutantdom may not be ready to handle.

  • Is She Warm Enough?

    Is She Warm Enough?0

    Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have reached that time of year when the November chill seeps into our very perceptions and every image of a person makes us debate the most pressing question of our time: is she warm enough? With comics characters, who have a variety of special genes and circumstances affecting their

  • The X-Men’s Dissipating Storm

    The X-Men’s Dissipating Storm20

    In 1975, Len Wein and Dave Cockrum introduced us to Ororo Munroe, aka Storm. An amalgamation of a shapeshifting character called Black Cat and a weather controller named Typhoon, the creative team tweaked some of the details and gave us the mutant we know today. Holding on to her Black Cat origins, she had cat-like