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REVIEW: Commanders in Crisis #1 Debuts an Exciting Twist on Familiar Heroics

Launching an independent superhero title is a gamble. The western comics market is oversaturated with superheroes and has been for decades. They have invaded every level of pop culture, dominating film and television. They have been portrayed hundreds and hundreds of different ways, making the undeniable success of Steve Orlando and Davide Tinto’s Commanders in…

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WWACommendations: Gourmet Hound, Buffy, Motor Crush, Mega Princess, and More

Happy September! What comics are you reading lately? Every month, WWAC contributors share about the comics we’ve been especially enjoying. We have a packed list this month, with recommendations ranging from a delightful read for all-ages in Mega Princess, to newly revamped (sorry) Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to chilling mystery in House of Penance. Let…

Finding My Place at Flame Con

“There’s this one balloon where someone says ‘Can anyone hear me?’ And there’s a reply shot of [Supergirl] saying, ‘I can,’” Steve Orlando describes to me a pivotal page in Supergirl: Rebirth #1, which came out earlier in the week. It’s Sunday afternoon, and we’re holding an interview in a quiet hallway outside of the…