• Sequential Sartorial: Give Me More Fashionable Superheroes

    Sequential Sartorial: Give Me More Fashionable Superheroes0

    Once upon a time, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I was constantly sketching ideas, collecting fabric samples, and chopping up my sister’s Vogue and Bazaar. I was infatuated with Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista and the original supermodels. I dreamed of visiting the runways of Paris. As with many of my childhood obsessions,

  • Oni Watch: A Nice Change of Pace0

    Between the launch of their previously mentioned brand new tabletop game imprint, and the optioning of Heartthrob for TV with Studio 8, it’s looking to be a pretty great time to be an Oni Press fan!

  • Oni Watch: Onwards and Upwards!

    Oni Watch: Onwards and Upwards!0

    With Oni Press rounding its 20th year of existence, the past several months have been chock full of pretty exciting news as they expand their reach to wider markets. A lot has happened, so this pubwatch is going to be a little longer than usual. But hey, check out Oni Press’ brand new logo, designed

  • Triangulating Looks: Introducing Fashion

    Triangulating Looks: Introducing Fashion0

    Because we live life on hard mode, we naturally decided to use column #2 to dig into the most difficult to define point on our triangle: fashion. In simplest terms, we’re defining fashion as building designs from the ground up rather than duplicating or reworking real world outfits. That doesn’t mean runway versus rack, though!

  • Keeping Jem Outrageous: A Listicle

    Keeping Jem Outrageous: A Listicle0

    Kelly Thompson, Sophie Campbell, and M. Victoria Robado’s refreshing, yet still totally outrageous, comic reboot of the 1980s Jem & the Holograms television series ended with issue #26 on June 14 of this year. The Jem comic has been a huge hit with the 80’s babies, such as myself, that generated a spinoff, Jem: The

  • Wet Moon: Gothicly Reflect During Feeble Wanderings

    Wet Moon: Gothicly Reflect During Feeble Wanderings0

    I first picked up Wet Moon, a graphic novel series by Sophie Campbell, last year at the recommendation of a friend. When asked what it was about, my friend said, “It’s like, well, hmmm. People at college, with spooky?” After reading it I can better understand her elevator pitch predicament. There is a lot going