• That Box We Sit On Review

    That Box We Sit On Review0

    That Box We Sit On Richie Pope (Art &Words) I came across Richie Pope’s Ignatz-winning comic That Box We Sit On while I was moseying through the Comics Twitterverse. A story about two black kids hanging out, sitting on the same box my siblings and I would sit on when we didn’t want to play,

  • Con Diaries: Small Press Expo 2018

    Con Diaries: Small Press Expo 20180

    As corny as it sounds, SPX feels more like a community than a convention. Held on September 15 to 16 in Bethesda, Maryland, Small Press Expo is, as the name implies, dedicated to independent and self-published comic books and zines. SPX feels like a unique con experience as soon as you enter the exhibit hall,

  • Small Press Bites: SPX Edition

    Small Press Bites: SPX Edition0

    Small Press Expo might have been last month, but that doesn’t mean the books our writers picked up won’t be just as good this month! Kayleigh, Rebecca, and Kat highlight some of their purchases from the convention — maybe you’ll find a zine or two for yourself, too! God Dammit Kyle MacLachlan Maureen Sullivan (Editor

  • 2017 Ignatz Awards Celebrate Diversity and Community

    2017 Ignatz Awards Celebrate Diversity and Community0

    This year’s Ignatz Awards felt more charged than recent years, and the current political climate felt immediate and present even in the ballroom of the Bethesda Marriott where the ceremony is traditionally held. This wider perspective led to an evening of intensely personal speeches about the power of community, comics, and becoming an active participant

  • Short & Sweet: Small Press Expo Edition!

    Short & Sweet: Small Press Expo Edition!0

    Held on September 17-18 in Bethesda, Maryland, this year’s Small Press Expo was a fantastic showcase for indie comic creators and anyone looking for the latest mini-comics, zines, and small press graphic novels. WWAC writers Rebecca Henely and Kayleigh Hearn attended SPX and now share some of the most intriguing titles they picked up, including

  • Comics Are What They Should Be at Small Press Expo

    Comics Are What They Should Be at Small Press Expo0

    There is no gatekeeping at Small Press Expo. This might seem counter to the hipster attitude stereotype that comes with SPX’s crowd, which is defined by undercuts, plaid, and thick-rimmed glasses. I can say that because I am a woman into comics who has an undercut, loves plaid, and wears thick-rimmed glasses. Also, as a